Biometric Immobiliser

Automotive Technology Research and Development (ATRD) has brought biometrics into your car as an aftermarket option to help deter vehicle theft with the Biometric Immobiliser. The premise is simple enough - you have a fingerprint reader that is placed in an easily accessible location and positive identification of your finger is required before the car can be started. 

The ATY-1 will provide customers with a system that will keep the car immobilised. It will arm itself 10-seconds after the ignition is switched off and will only dis-arm when the correct fingerprint is scanned. Up to 30 fingerprints can be stored on the system for multiple users.

Uniquely, the product can also be combined or operated in conjunction with existing and OEM vehicle security systems. Automotive Technologies Biometric finger print immobiliser (ATY-1) is the latest in high tech vehiclesecurity.

The system utilises the vehicle owner’s unique finger print to allow the engine to be engaged. Allowing the vehicle owner to choose who can drive the vehicle with the added benefit that if the vehicle keys are removed without permission and access is gained to the vehicle it would stillremain immobilised until the correct finger print is scanned.


  • Biometric technology can help prevent unauthorised use of vehicle and theft
  • Ease of use, only your fingerprint is needed
  • Auto arming 2 + circuit immobiliser i.e, starter, ignition fuel etc…
  • 30 finger print memory
  • Advanced status led
  • Steel in cased ECU
  • Can operate stand alone or with exsiting vechicle alarm and immobiliser systems
  • Combinational personal pin code over ride to replace finger print
  • Valet mode access for system shut down, for normal vehicle use
  • Siren out-put

The biometric twin immobiliser is self-arming soon after you park so that your vehicle always remains protected. The system consists of three main parts:

  • The scanner, which would be situated on the vehicle dash.
  • The link module which links the ECU and Scanner together.
  • The main electronics (ECU) which reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure. This unit along with link module would be concealed with the vehicle.

A future development in conjunction with the biometric system is GSM / GPS (voice / text / video) personal vehicle surveillance / tracker system.

How it works?

  • The vehicle is automatically immobilised 10 seconds after the ignition is switched off. The biometric scanner Illuminates red and begins continuous flashing,indicating an armed status.
  • When any of the vehicles door are opened the system prepares for scanning this is indicated by the scanner illuminating blue. (Scanning status can also be activated by turning the key to ACC).
  • The pre-saved finger is placed in the centre of the scanner, within 2 seconds the finger print is scanned and confirmed with a beep and all status illuminations red/blue switch off. The vehicle is ready to start.

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