Car Seat Fan Cooler Cushion

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We have all been there, especially if you have leather seats, where your back gets all sweaty and sticks to the car seat. Well, of you don’t mind covering your leather seats; this might be a good solution to that problem. It’s a Car Seat Fan Cooler Cushion! As funny as it sounds it can actually help out on those hot days where your back gets sweaty and sticky. If you live in Miami or any other hot city where winter is not one of your seasons, this is a great idea.

This seat cushion is not like any other seat cushion, it is made of a space age designed temperature-transferring material, along with a microfiber cloth. How it works is by allowing air to circulate into channels that run throughout the whole cushion. The air running through the channels send cold air throughout your back and neck. The seat cushion circulates the air by running on a 12V cigarette lighter.

 This is great for those long drives on the hot days. You will leave your car feeling more refreshed. This is also a great gift idea for the love ones you know that drive long periods of time in the heat.

You can buy the Car Seat Fan Cooler Cushion online at BrandsonSale for the price of $59.99.

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