CarMD could save you money on mechanic fees

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Do you ever wish that you had your own device to check all of your car problems and not be at the mercy of your mechanic? Well, we found a product that could do just that for you. It’s called CarMD, and it is a new way to save you money and time. This device is just like the computers the mechanic uses to read your engine and determine what is wrong with your car. It is simple to use and even gives you an estimated price on how much it will cost you to fix the problem.

Why would CarMD be good for me?

When the check engine light comes on it can be something as simple as a loose gas cap to an engine misfire. Why leave it to the mechanic to tell you what it is. When the mechanic scans you car to find any trouble codes, they usually charge you anywhere from $55 - $100; and it may be for something as simple as tightening your gas cap. Not worth it.

It can also help you in buying a used car. Just plug in your CarMD and in a matter of minutes your little weapon will tell you if the car is perfect or has some issues. It is also a life saver if you decide to go on a road trip, for any underlying problems with your car. You just plug in your CarMD and check before you go on your trip if your car has any problems you have to fix before you go. This could be a great gift idea for a friend or for yourself.

How does it work?

First you plug your CarMD into the 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC). This is universal on all OBD2-certified cars that were manufactured in the year 1996 and on. You will usually find it in the driver’s side under the dashboard. If you don’t find it there you can go on this site, enter your car model and year, and they will show you a picture of where the DLC is located in your car.

When you connect your CarMD, within 10 seconds you turn the ignition. The ignition can not be turned on before you plug in your CarMD. This will help to avoid any error messages. Once you turn on your car the CarMD will beep twice to let you know that it has good power connection.

Now you wait for the CarMD to go into your cars computer system any read out any problems it may be having. Once it is done it will beep four times to indicate that it was successful in getting all the information it needs.

You unplug your CarMD and one of the three indicator lights that are in the color of green, yellow, and red will be on. If the green light is on, your car is fine you do not have to take any further steps. If the yellow or red light is displayed, something is wrong, and you would have to go online to find out what it is. 

CarMD could save you money on mechanic fees

The last step to reading out your car problems is to connect your CarMD to the PC with the USB connector that comes in your package. If this is your first time using CarMD you would have to load the CarMD software that is included also in your package. Once you have loaded the software, log on to to view the possible problem, how to fix it, and how much it will cost you (including labor fees).

CarMD could save you money on mechanic fees

When you buy CarMD you will get:

  • Handheld Tester
  • Online membership to
  • User guide
  • Demo Video
  • CD software and USB cable that is compatible with windows based PC
CarMD could save you money on mechanic fees

Where can I buy CarMD?

You can buy this product online at for the price of $89.99.

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