Cheap Ipod and Automobile Listening

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Ok so you ’ve got an Apple IPOD and you want to hook it up to your automobile but dont want to throw down 80 bucks for the fancy Monster FM transmitor. How about paying for a connector that goes for $20 dollars and sounds better than the FM transmitter that goes for 4 times as much money. I use one of these with my Audi and I tell you it sounds better than those expensive FM transmitters. Check out the :
Sony CPA-9C Car Cassette Adapter


Product Specs from Sony-

Connect your iPod to your car stereo through your car’s in-dash cassette player.

Cassette-shaped Interface inserts into your car’s tape deck (compatible with decks that make you insert the cassette with the tape opening facing the side). Mini-plug inserts into your iPod headphone jack. Silent mechanism reduces mechanical noise on the road. Self-adjusting spring-loaded head maintains optimum contact with your cassette deck’s tape head.

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