Chrome up your car!

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Adding chrome accents to your car is very popular now in days. Everyone wants the “blinged” out look.

Well, Putco (funny name) is just the company to give your car the chrome touch. On their site you can buy just about any accessory you could possibly want for your car. What impressed me most is the chrome kit for your car.


Their chrome kit comes with chrome trim accessories designed specifically for your car. The chrome accessories are made of Automotive Grade ABS Chrome. That is a long lasting material that is designed to pretty much the every day elements your car has to face.

Chrome up your car!


The interesting thing about this kit is that you can buy it according to your car make and model. Based on your make and model you will get accessories that match OEM (original equipment manufacturer) chrome.


There is no drilling or cutting, the chrome pieces install easily with pre-applied Red 3M tape. This is a fun way to glamour up your car, without it being permanent or expensive.


So, if you would like to chrome out your ride, go online to Putco. Prices vary on the type of car you have and how many accessories you want.

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