Custom fit truck Airbedz

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For those of you who like taking your truck off roading, fishing, camping, or motocross; you might like this invention. It’s called Airbedz, and it is a new way to use the bed of your truck.

Airbedz is a mattress for your truck bed that comes in several sizes. It can fit compact, mid, and full sized trucks that have long or short beds. The mattress has cutouts on each of its sides to make it fit around the wheel wells.

To make Airbedz custom fit each truck bed, you are asked to specify which truck you have by make, model, and year. Airbedz has an integrated air coil system so that weight is distributed evenly across the mattress.

This great for camp outs! It is a great night sleep for anyone who enjoys the great out doors.

Prices start as low as $119.95. Prices depend on the type of truck you have, because of certain amounts of customizations they have to do to fit your truck bed. You can order them online at

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