Digital Tire Gauge

This is a new gadget for the how to change a tire series: the digital tire pressure gauge. After changing your tire you now need to make sure it’s hard enough for the job which is where the digital pressure gauage comes in, simply place it on the tires nozzle and read the oressure on the LCD.

Properly inflated tires can help to save gas and ensure better handling from your automobile. The Digital Tire Gauge is a handheld pressure gauge that displays each tire’s air pressure with the press of a button. You’ll appreciate the large backlit display and illuminated tip that allows easy reading in the dark.

The Digital Tire Gauge is made of a heavy metal die cast with shockproof rubber guard and molded finger grips. It’s small enough to keep in your glove compartment at all times, so you’ll have instant access to it when you need it. Batteries are pre-installed, and the Digital Tire Gauge turns off automatically after 15 seconds, so the batteries won’t be wasted.

You can buy the Digital Tire Gauge for 19.99$ in here.

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