Ding King Repair Kit

This is a very handy gadget if you want to save money on car insurance premiums and repair bills. It’s a car dent repair kit for just under $30.

This tool makes it easy to remove dents with professional results in minutes. Simply apply the glue to the dent pulling tab, apply the tab to the dent and leave to cool. Then, place the pulling bridge over the tab and twist the wing until the dent ‘pops’, it’s that easy!

Ding King comes with a special solution to easily wipe off any residual glue, then it’s just buff and shine and your panels will look as good as new and you’ll be the king of your own garage!


  • Hot glue gun
  • 3 bonding sticks
  • 2 dent pullers and bridge
  • Ding King solution
  • Scraper
  • Tap-down tool
  • Wing nut.

Refill kit comprises 3 bonding sticks and replacement Ding King solution.

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