DOL TransDock Deluxe

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If you or someone you know likes ipods, and love to play them on your car stereo system; the DLO TransDock Deluxe might just be for you. This TransDock does just about everything from broadcasting your ipod music on FM radio to playing movies on to your car TV. It can power your whole car entertainment center.


The TransDock has an Aux- in, and an AV-out located at the bottom. It also has a USB connector, and Video/audio output (more on what they are used for later in the article). The TransDock comes with a small LED display that shows which FM channel your ipod is broadcasting from. The TransDock connects to your cigarette lighter in your car; and charges your ipod when it is connected to the TransDock.

If you are worried about having your TransDock blow a fuse by always being connected to your cars power source; don’t worry the TransDock powers on when you dock your ipod, and powers off when you undock. The TransDock comes with a RF remote control that can be attached to your steering wheel with the steering wheel cradle, so that you can keep your hands at all times on the steering wheel. The mount and extender arm for the TransDock fits almost every car.

DOL TransDock Deluxe

The TransDock is a dock where you can insert your ipod. The dock is compatible with the ipod nano 1st generation, ipod nano 2nd generation (aluminum), ipod with video, ipod with color display, ipod (4G), and ipod mini. Now you are probably wondering why it can fit the larger ipods and the small ones, and does that mean the small ipods will be moving around in the dock? Well, DLO includes in there package an adjuster to custom fit your ipod in the dock. 

The TransDock can also be customized. DLO also included in there package two interchangeable faceplates (black and silver) to match your TransDock with your interior. That’s not the only thing you can customize on your ipod TransDock, you can also change the LED display to three different colors.

DOL TransDock Deluxe

You can play your ipod music on through your FM radio, or through your stereo using an AV port with a cassette adapter or car audio input. The TransDock also plays your ipod movies, shows, and other video movies. You can play them on your ipod screen or off your TV in your car. The TransDock comes with a 16 ft AV cable that connects one end to your video-out port, and the other to your car TV.

If have another mp3 player, a laptop, or gaming system you can also connect it to your TransDock. You would have to buy the connector separately. The connector connects to the TransDock’s Aux-in jack, and the mp3, laptop, or gaming system. So you can play your games on your TV, or play your other mp3 music on the FM radio, or straight to your car stereo.

DOL TransDock Deluxe

The TransDock comes with another nice feature, the USB port. When you are using your TransDock it is being powered by your cigarette lighter, and if you have only one power supply in your car there is no way you can charge you cell phone or anything else. DLO thought of that, so they added a USB port that allows you to connect your cell phone to your TransDock and charge both your ipod and cell phone at the same time. The only downfall is because there are so many different cell phones and connectors; you would have to buy the cable that connects your cell phone to your TransDock separately.

What I think

I like this idea. This is a great way to power your whole entertainment system in your car. You control the music you want, and videos you watch. The nicest thing about the TransDock is that you can watch a movie you downloaded on your car TV and hear the sounds on your car stereo. This is a great gift idea for a friend or yourself!

DOL TransDock Deluxe

Where to buy it, and how much?

You can buy it online from DLO’s site. The price for the TransDock Deluxe is $129.99.


Cool. It still can work for old cars or those people who wouldn’t want to buy a new entertainment system as it is expensive but the new cars nowadays have better entertainment systems that such applications are available and can be done on the car but for those who doesn’t have that kind of ES just yet, the TransDock seems a pretty affordable and good idea.

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