This is really cool! An interesting gadget for the car - an emoticon display so you can let drivers behind you know exactly what you think of their driving behaviour!

A small electronic display sticks on your back window, which you control from the driver’s seat, displaying smiley faces or frowns as well as short messages like "thanks" and "back off."

The battery-operated message display module is attached to the rear windscreen and is activated by remote control, so you don’t need to install any wiring.

You can pick up the traffic Driv-e-mocion for about $20.

they are currently out of stock ! please contact us to be notified when they will be available. ! New improved version coming up !


I think this is a phony listing. I have sent emails and have received no reply. Just another spam or scam. I wonder if this whole site is a phishing site?

Those are really cool, I always needed one to say ’KEEP RIGHT’ to those old ladies in porsche smiley

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