Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

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The Ferrari 2006 Yearbook, I think, is definitely the most entertaining book that Ferrari has ever made. It is filled with bright pictures, and a lot of behind scenes information. This is another great gift idea for the Ferrari fan in your life, or even for yourself.

What it looks like:

This is a really big book. The cover is bright red, so it does draw attention to its cover. On the cover there is the word Ferrari with the numbers 2006 above it. Under the Ferrari is a photo of a red 2006 599 Ferrari car. Behind the car is red colored scenery of the Desert Mountains. Underneath the 599 is a close up face picture of Michael Schumacher, the 5 times Formula 1 Champion. The cover is really well detailed. I think the cover is really well done.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

After you turn the cover you will see pages full of brightly colored pictures. The pages are thick and feel really sturdy. There is not much wording on the pages, but it looks like there is. The reason for this is because like most of the Ferrari books it is written in Italian, and translated in English. This is not a heavy reading book. It’s more of a picture book with a few words to describe what the photo is all about.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review
What is it about?

The book is really big and has 278 pages, so it obtains a lot of information and pictures. The first page after the cover is a picture of Michael Schumacher, and the President of Ferrari. Next to the picture it tells you a little bit about what is going on in the picture. In this case it a picture of Michael’s victory of the Formula 1 Championship. After you turn the page is a picture of Luca Di Montezemolo (the president of Ferrari), next to the new Ferrari 599 GTB. The car looks beautiful!

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

The next pages are separated into chapters. The first chapter is about the Formula 1. This chapter shows pictures and talks about the 2006 season, eleven marvelous years and a lifelong connection (by Michael Schumacher), A great talent, an extraordinary man and a true friend (by J. Todt), and Artistic make-up. They are jam packed with pictures of Michael, the pit crew, and the formula 1 car. Each picture is full of vibrancy and excitement.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

The next chapter is about the GT cars. In this chapter the talk about and show the duel for the crown commercial, and how it was filmed. This commercial is not a common commercial. In this book they show you how it was done step by step. This chapter also shows pictures of different models of Ferrari in many beautiful places in Paris. It also includes very detailed pictures of the new Ferrari 599 GTB.

The next few chapters continue to depict the history of Ferrari, Client, The world around Ferrari, and Amici. The client section of the book is interesting. This section talks about and shows the wealthy clients of Ferrari, and what they do with their cars. In other words, clients buy their Ferrari and could race it on a track and in competition races. The world around Ferrari talks about the corporate part of Ferrari. It also talks about the Ferrari website, movies with Ferrari cars, and anything that involves Ferrari outside of racing.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

This book also talks about the Famous trip "Panamerica". This is when two 599 Ferraris where driven by 50 international journalist from Brasil to New York. They show fantastic pictures of their trip, and talk about the adventure that they had on the drive. The pictures and the story of their journey is incredible.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review

The last chapter in the book shows and describes the friends of Ferrari. Here you see pictures of famous celebrities, producers, the pope, and sport champions with the business and race car drivers of Ferrari.

Ferrari 2006 Yearbook Review
What do I think?

I think that this book is really nice. The pictures in it are so perfect and brightly colored. The book itself is kind of large in size, but it is worth it. There are a lot of pages in this book, an each page makes you want to see what is coming up next. I like this book a lot. If you are a real Ferrari fan, this book is a must have. There is so many pictures and information on Ferraris, that we could not tell you everything. You’ll just have to buy the book for yourself.

How much does it cost, and where can I buy it?

This book is a little expensive, but then again it is from Ferrari. You will definitely get your money’s worth buying this book. The price of this book is$85.55, and could be bought at Ferrari Store.

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