GloRyder lights up your rims

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Want to make your rims light up? Well, pretty soon you will be seeing lit up rims everywhere you go.

GloRyder introducing a wheel light that fits in the center of your car wheels. The wheel light is a chromed Aluminum that illuminates the entire face of the wheel. They fit into any wheel with a center bore between 1.90 and 2.50. Bore is the hole in the middle of your rim. If your rim is larger than 2.50, adapters are available. If you have rims that have hidden lug nuts, or a hub that protrudes through the center bore of your rim, they will not work with the GloRyder lights.

GloRyder lights up your rims

You can buy GloRyder wheel lights in many different types of finishes, to match your rims. They come in Chrome Plated finish, High Polished Aluminum, and Gold or powder coat.


GloRyder Wheel Lights operate automatically. They turn on at night and turn off in sunlight. They have two light settings, first is Sho and that keeps the lights on at night even when you are not moving. The second setting is Glo which is motion activated, so hen the car stops a timer keeps the wheels lit for awhile the shuts them off.


They come in 9 different colors. You have a choice between yellow, orange, green, cyan, white, purple, pink, red, and blue. Remember before buying the light you should check your local laws for street use and legal colors.

GloRyder lights up your rims

To top it off you can customize your GloRyder designer cap. You can use your company logo, your favorite team logo, or even your sweetheart’s initials. Just like anything else, to customize your cap it will cost you extra. They still have not released the price of the GloRyder Lights, or how much extra customizing the cap will cost.

GloRyder lights up your rims

There is no complicated wiring, and they are powered on AA batteries. The color, how often you use it, and type of battery you use will determine how long your batteries will last. If you use AA Alkaline batteries the lights will last you anywhere from two to three months before you have to change the batteries. If you use Lithium AA batteries your GloRyder lights will last you five times longer.

GloRyder lights up your rims

GloRyder Wheel Lights are still not available. Retail orders will be accepted on their website ( starting August 1, 2007.


Saw some comments on whether this is "streetable":

The car you see up there is GloRyder’s. It was driven daily on the highway all over the country. no tickets...

There are no flashing lights from a Gloryder. They turn with the wheel and are are in the hub cavity. Sears did alot of legal research before placing their order a couple months ago.

Lastly they are cool as heck. I saw the new Lowrider magazine for Feb 2008 had it at #7 on their 12 coolest products. And yes I have a set!

ppl already have them on their cars where i live

It’s more for show, there laws in same states that they don’t let flashing lights-show on the road

not that cool to be honest

these are pretty cool. But i am having trouble finding the price... how much are they?

They would definitely be illegal here in New Jersey. These would be considered as a distraction to other drivers.

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