HitchSafe hides your spare key

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Locking your keys in your car is probably something that everyone has done. We then have to call a lock smith and wait for hours for them to appear and pry open your car door. Imagine a safe that is attached to the outside of your car, and all you have to do is enter your combination and retrieve your spare.

Well now you don’t have to
dream about it. HitchSafe is the answer. HitchSafe slides into your hitch receiver on your SUV, van, or truck. The Hitch safe is a solid steel vault that stores your spare, money, credit cards, and even driver’s license. The safe is concealed by a rubber dust cover that is made to look like a normal hitch cover, so no one will know you have a HitchSafe.

HitchSafe hides your spare key

To get your keys all you have to do is lift off the rubber dust cover, then enter your personal 4 number dial combination. The drawer is then released and out comes your keys. Because the HitchSafe is a steel Vault no one can get your keys unless they know your combination.

HitchSafe hides your spare key

This makes keeping your spare key, just in case of and emergency, easier to do. You can buy the HitchSafe online at www.HitchSafe.com


HitchSafe hides your spare key

For 2005-2007 Toyota Tacoma’s you require longer pins to connect your HitchSafe, so be sure to ask them for longer Hitch pins.

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