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We have today the proof that big names in the automobiles industry are expanding their brands on other fields and products, becoming more popular brands or pocket products. This is the case of Nissan Motor which, in collaboration with Sharp Corporation, developed a new project, a special mobile phone which can be used as a smart key for cars. The combination cell phones and car technology was possible with the help of Docomo’s expertise in the marketability of cells and the help of Nissan technical support to adapt the device and assure its functioning.

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Ever found yourself in a crowded parking of a hypermarket and looked hours for your car because you forgot where you parked? Well, today we have your solution! A company named Bushnell released its BackTrack, a little GPS device that will help you find your car easily. So, let us tell you how it works: when you’re ready to leave your car in the parking place, mark your position on the device with a single button press and it will make all the work for you. And if you think that you will not be able to take care of the device, don’t worry, it is water resistant so it will not be a mess if you will drop it a little! More to know: the BackTrack uses 2 AAA batteries and features a high sensitivity SiRF Star III GPS receiver! It can be found here with a price tag of $59.99.

The GoPro camera is a light, compact and robust onboard digital camera designed specifically to capture extreme sports. Its compact design allow you to place it where regular camcorder would not fit, and its robust waterproof case should save it from your intrepid stunts, even in the rain or snow. Read our complete GoPro review, including onboard sample footage, after the jump.

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Remember James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS in “Casino Royal”? In his Aston Martin he had a gear shit knob that lit up. Well now you can have a version of that in your own car.

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