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Do you ever wish that you had your own device to check all of your car problems and not be at the mercy of your mechanic? Well, we found a product that could do just that for you. It’s called CarMD, and it is a new way to save you money and time. This device is just like the computers the mechanic uses to read your engine and determine what is wrong with your car. It is simple to use and even gives you an estimated price on how much it will cost you to fix the problem.

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If you could make your car look like one of a kind would you? Would you do it with crystals? Well, if you said yes to both of those questions you might like this…

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If you or someone you know likes ipods, and love to play them on your car stereo system; the DLO TransDock Deluxe might just be for you. This TransDock does just about everything from broadcasting your ipod music on FM radio to playing movies on to your car TV. It can power your whole car entertainment center.

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How would you like to display in the back of your car how you feel about the driver behind you? How about advertising your company or even you favorite sports team? Well, with the programmable car plate billboard you can do just that.

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The Ferrari 2006 Yearbook, I think, is definitely the most entertaining book that Ferrari has ever made. It is filled with bright pictures, and a lot of behind scenes information. This is another great gift idea for the Ferrari fan in your life, or even for yourself.

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The Porsche 911 Porsche 911 for Your Cigars Porsche not only wants to be a part of your driving experience, they also want to be there when you are lighting up your cigars after a nice business deal or just a casual after the golf course with the Porsche Design ash tray. The Porsche “carbon-tray” as I will call it makes me want to give up smoking cigars all together- it so well built and it is the only “carbon fiber” ash tray on the market (I would hate to ruin such a piece of excellence in design.) (...)
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Bentley drivers demand the absolute best in everything that they buy. This is where the partnership with Tibaldi pens and Bentley comes into play. The Italian made / Bentley badged pen will be the perfect partner when you ink up those million-dollar deals. The pen also represent Bentleys 60th year of production at its historic factory in Crewe, England so these pens are as limited as a Ferrari Ferrari Enzo. Don’t be scared by the price maybe you can write off as a part of the vehicle : $ (...)
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Ok so you ’ve got an Apple IPOD and you want to hook it up to your automobile but dont want to throw down 80 bucks for the fancy Monster FM transmitor. How about paying for a connector that goes for $20 dollars and sounds better than the FM transmitter that goes for 4 times as much money. I use one of these with my Audi and I tell you it sounds better than those expensive FM transmitters. Check out the :
Sony CPA-9C Car Cassette Adapter


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