I do not know that Porsche and Nissan Nissan where thinking when they design this airbags, but they look very interresting. Probably they wanted to feel "safe" when you have an accident, who knows? This new advertisement takes life saving air bags to a new and sexy height. These new bags are bound to cause even further controversy. Clever, funny and edgy , the campaign takes to the highways in a most ’revealing’ (...)
This is a new gadget for the how to change a tire series: the digital tire pressure gauge. After changing your tire you now need to make sure it’s hard enough for the job which is where the digital pressure gauage comes in, simply place it on the tires nozzle and read the oressure on the LCD. Properly inflated tires can help to save gas and ensure better handling from your automobile. The Digital Tire Gauge is a handheld pressure gauge that displays each tire’s air pressure with the press of (...)
Did you knew that 20% of all automobile accidents are caused by sleep deprivation? I’m sure you tried a few un-effective strategies to stay awake: rolling the windows down, cranking up the AC, blasting your favorite radio station, or downing caffeine and energy drinks. If you find these approaches to staying awake not working during your late night commute, you may want to invest in the Drive Alert Master II. The Drive Alert Master II works like a splash of cold water in the middle of the (...)
I think you all know that a real pain can be sometimes to change your tires. Sometimes you get with bleeding hands, next day a terible ache in the back, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself you have to wait hours for road service. Now you can use the Easy Car Jack and all this will be over. This fully motorized machine plugs into your cigarette lighter and allows for easy lug nut removal as well as jacking the car up without any strain on your back. Computers have USB ports to power (...)
Automotive Technology Research and Development (ATRD) has brought biometrics into your car as an aftermarket option to help deter vehicle theft with the Biometric Immobiliser. The premise is simple enough - you have a fingerprint reader that is placed in an easily accessible location and positive identification of your finger is required before the car can be started. The ATY-1 will provide customers with a system that will keep the car immobilised. It will arm itself 10-seconds after the (...)

This is a very handy gadget if you want to save money on car insurance premiums and repair bills. It’s a car dent repair kit for just under $30. This tool makes it easy to remove dents with professional results in minutes. Simply apply the glue to the dent pulling tab, apply the tab to the dent and leave to cool. Then, place the pulling bridge over the tab and twist the wing until the dent ‘pops’, it’s that easy! Ding King comes with a special solution to easily wipe off any residual glue, (...)
This is really cool! An interesting gadget for the car - an emoticon display so you can let drivers behind you know exactly what you think of their driving behaviour! A small electronic display sticks on your back window, which you control from the driver’s seat, displaying smiley faces or frowns as well as short messages like "thanks" and "back off." The battery-operated message display module is attached to the rear windscreen and is activated by remote control, so you don’t need to (...)
Racing games is your big hobby? Then you now that they are meant to be played with a steering wheel and in a cockpit setup that are normally available in arcades. At home, using a standard console controller just won’t cut it. Well, now it is more fun with the new Force Dynamics 301 HotSeat Racer GT. A racing seat mounted on a steel frame, the HotSeat gives you surround sound, a subwoofer under your chair, mounted pedals, and a steering wheel. You can add an LCD mount for your screen or (...)

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