Keyless entry for your car in mins

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How would you like to touch your car window or door and the car door opens? Sounds pretty cool right? Well, it is possible to have in your car thanks to Magic Touch.

With magic touch you can install in your car automatic touch sensitive door handles. Without any body work you can get the look of a door handle-less car. You can have the sensor installed in your door handle, rearview mirror, moving side window, or even windshield. With the touch of your hand your car door will automatically open.

If you are worried out the paint not matching or uneven body, don’t. Magic Touch is specialized in body detailing, and using factory pint color to match your car’s paint perfectly.

Keyless entry for your car in mins

It is so easy to install Magic Touch that you can do it yourself. To see how it works and where it goes you can go online to, and watch ad Mike from MTV’s famous custom car show Pimp My Ride.

If you want Magic Touch installed in your car you can go online to


Mounir, you have an NSX? Is it modified?

This kit is bad I have it installed on my 2002 ACURA Nsx and It was great for the first few month then the doors kept unlocking by themselves once on the highway

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