Look at your emails by voice command

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Driving and checking your email is dangerous, and when you have a PDA or smartphone that notifies you that you have an email it kind of hard not to check. iLane could help you out with that. iLane is the world’s first hands-free and eyes-free email solution.

It is a voice-interactive way to handle your emails, phone calls, calendar appointment, and SMS messages, all through your car’s stereo. It is a small device that interacts directly with Bluetooth enabled devices and the car’s audio system or headset. iLane can located any Bluetooth enabled device in the car, so you can have your handheld device in your purse, briefcase, or even pocket.

Look at your emails by voice command

 How it works is when a new message arrives on your PDA or Smartphone iLane tell you by reading a summary of it aloud. With voice commands you can have iLane read the whole message, compose your reply, forward an attachment, and more.

Look at your emails by voice command

All of your data hosted locally and communicated directly between your PDA or smartphone and the iLane, so you have complete privacy of your emails.

This is great for the people who work from their cars, or need to constantly check their emails. It is a safer way to stay connected to your information and drive at the same time. The iLane has not come out to production yet, but you can go online to www.ilane.com and register to be the first notified when it comes out. 



That definitely is something I would get for the teen groups. Most of the accidents that I see involving car accidents and cellphones includes teenagers. The responsibilities of having to drive is big and they (both teen and adult drivers actually) have to realize that before an accident not after a mishap... It would be great too if the same device can work for text messages as well.


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