Nissan and Sharp present new smart-key phone

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We have today the proof that big names in the automobiles industry are expanding their brands on other fields and products, becoming more popular brands or pocket products. This is the case of Nissan Motor which, in collaboration with Sharp Corporation, developed a new project, a special mobile phone which can be used as a smart key for cars. The combination cell phones and car technology was possible with the help of Docomo’s expertise in the marketability of cells and the help of Nissan technical support to adapt the device and assure its functioning.

The new system will be installed on more than 950,000 vehicles of different Nissan’s models no older than 2002. The Intelligent Key system enhances two-way wireless communications technology to automatically lock or unlock the car door and start or stop the engine. The three companies working for this project will reveal and experiment the phone at CEATEC Japan 2008, taking place on 30th of September. The new Key system will be available for sale starting with 2009.

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