SafeGuard video recorder could save you in court

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When you get in an accident your mind blanks out, and remembering the exact thing that happened before an accident is really hard to do. Well there is a device out there that can help you remember everything that happened, it’s called Safeguard video recording system.

The Safeguard is powered by a 12V DC power through your cigarette lighter or with two AA batteries. It is easy to set up, just secure the cradle to the dashboard and place the recorder inside of the cradle. To adjust the angle of your Safeguard is also easy. The Safeguard has a red light that will shine where it is recording (the red light indicates the center of the recording). Just adjust the camera in the cradle to where you want the camera to record.

The SD memory card of the camera is sold separately. The camera uses anywhere from a 128MB to a 2GB SD memory card. The video is recorded in AVI format. It is compatible with any PC. Just plug in the SD card directly to your computer.

This device will record the conditions of the road and weather all from your dashboard. It will help you fight tickets in court where you were wrongly accused. You can even show to your insurance company evidence that the accident was not your fault. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, so being prepared to protect yourself is important. It is also great for recording your scenic drives around the valley or your favorite spot, so you would be able to see and show your scenic drive in the comfort of your home. So next time someone asks you “how was the drive?” just show them.

You can buy Safeguard online at Gadget Universe for $79.95.

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