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If you could make your car look like one of a kind would you? Would you do it with crystals? Well, if you said yes to both of those questions you might like this…

Folia Tec a German company, introduces the crystal design to the world, which their new Crystal designs. This is an interesting way to accessorize your car. For those of you who are interested Folia Tec sells online a pack of 50 self-adhesive jewels. You can apply them anywhere to your car. They are easy to remove if you want to change your design, the nice thing if that it leaves paintwork intact and doesn’t leave any residues.


This is not something I think we will be seeing often in the street, but it would be fun as an accessory for special days or events. It would be cool to take a few crystals and dress up your friend’s car on her birthday, that’s a girly way to use it.


Whatever way you want to use those crystals on your car you can buy it online at Folia Tec.


This is one of the best collectible I’ve seen here. I am wondering how much it costs but I have an idea how expensive it is. Thanks dude for the comments, I know that this is one of the most precious collection as of today.

Why they been needing a genuine crystal to accessorize their car. Well, i think its kind of girly to use this gem since crystal is a girl best friend!

Most probably its not ideal to drive around a car that has a crystal! It feels like saying " Steal me"! This lady doesn’t know on how to spend her money!

That’s a wonderful glitter crystal design there. I think it would cost me a high price just to have one of those someday. But I’d rather make my car simple as it can be...

Wow, shimmering! I think this is really so girly.

If I were to paste some of those crystals in my car, and if they are real crystals, I’d place them somewhere people cannot reach it. Maybe in the interior. But that trick is so old school and it makes the car looks corny nowadays. Seems like vandalism to be actually.

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