The new, true handfree BlueAnt S4

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The advocates for eliminating cell phone usage in vehicles have reason to rejoice due to the newest product delivered by BlueAnt this past Monday. The new S4 allows the driver to operate their cell phone with only their voice. To activate the S4 the driver only needs to say, “BlueAnt speak to me”. Not the most original phrase, but easy to remember. To make a call, all the driver has to say is, “Phone Commands” and the S4’s will activate your phone’s voice dialing feature.

Receiving calls on the S4 is just as easy as making them. When the phone rings, the S4 will announce the name of the person calling or the phone number that is calling. The driver can easily answer or ignore the call by stating his choice. The S4 goes a step further by operating with the Vlingo Safereader installed on a Blackberry or Android to read out the text messages sent to your phone. The phone also works with the Microsoft BING 411 to connect the driver with stock quotes, movie times, directions, weather forecasts, sports results, news and traffic updates.

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If that still isn’t enough to wow the daily commuter then maybe this will be; the S4 also has A2DP streaming audio that allows you to listen to music or get turn-by-turn directions from the GPS application on your phone.

Yes, there is a long list of commands the driver will have to remember in order to operate this new, true handsfree voice controlled car speakerphone, but BlueAnt has even thought of that. The BlueAnt S4 can help out by simply hearing the words, “What can I say?” This command will tell the S4 to speak the list of commands the driver will need to operate it.

The signature voice-activated technology makes it easy to leave your eyes where they should be…on the road.


Well, I love these new technology on cars. You can talk and computers can act as your navigators when you’re driving.

this is one of the best gadget for drivers who always have phone calls. smiley

This is a must have gadget specially for those persons who always use their phone.

That is a good innovation for driver. When we drive a car is very dangerous if we receive phone with hand, so with this gadget i am sure is very help the driver

what’s the use of these today? most of the automotive today are also using bluetooth technology.. they make use of it to connect to the
console for hand’s free cellphones.

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