The remote rear window hand, the latest gadget for cars

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Not since Calvin relieving himself on your least favorite car brand has been so easy for a driver to show his/her feelings. "The Hand" remote controller window sign is a funny and useful gadget that signs how you feel towards the other drivers. For $40, this electroluminescent gesturing hand will allow to focus your attention completely on the road.

Just make sure you always have some expression always on. To correctly fit all the different gestures, the blank hand has six fingers.


Good...we want more info for this part, we are from Viet Nam,

Cool signs. I do remember when I was still younger and I had this uncle way back and that he would make signs on the road with his hands depending on his emotions. I often see him give the finger to a lot of drivers out there. That is the kind of driving I would never do nor recommend or do myself.

cool... i’m from indonesia, where can i get it?

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