Got a flat tire and no winch? Titan to the rescue!

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If you are the owner of a car featuring run-flat tires or simply you don’t have a winch, today we present you the Titan Exhaust Air Jack. This represents the modern winch that you actually can use without making any effort: simply connect the Titan to your car’s exhaust pipe to inflate it and the vehicle will be lifted in no time, with up to 30 inches above the ground. The Titan stays inflated up to 45 minutes and it can be deflated in just 5 seconds, but you must be very careful not to intoxicate yourself with the carbon monoxide from the exhaust pipe. Price of the Titan Exhaust Air Jack: $120+, depending on the size you want. For those who want to buy one, the Titan Exhaust Air Jack can be bought from here.


Well I guess it can be very useful but it doesn’t last more than an hour so I don’t think it will work all the time. A regular winch might still be the best item for flat tires and other problems.

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