Cobra XRS R7 and XRS R9G

Cobra Electronics announced the launch of the first-to-market, easy-to-install wireless remote controlled radar/laser detector with GPS locator. The product’s sleek design makes the new device virtually invisible—helping to deter theft—while Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® (S-XRS™) Maximum Performance 12 Band™ Technology with LaserEye® ensures the detection of the fastest radar and laser guns, including POP Mode. The XRS R7 and CES Innovation Award honoree XRS R9G IntelliLink™ remote detectors provide "under the radar" detection at an "on the radar" price.

"Once again, Cobra Electronics is pioneering detection with our new line of remote products," said Tony Mirabelli, senior vice president, marketing and sales for Cobra Electronics. "Last year we were the first to offer a full-color video display; this year we’re the first to offer an easy-to-install radar detector that truly challenges the performance of detectors at higher price points. It’s our innovation that allows Cobra to stay ahead in the highly competitive radar detection category."

The XRS R7 and XRS R9G feature a wireless main detector unit and a remote control display unit. The XRS R9G offers the added benefit of a GPS locator -the first of its kind in the United States to be paired with a radar detector. The locator includes a fixed red light and speed camera location database. In addition, the driver can input up to 1,000 location-based alerts.

In order to maintain the unit’s discreet appearance, both the GPS locator and the main radar/laser detector unit mount behind the rearview mirror at the top of the windshield. This placement not only reduces the unit’s visibility, it also improves its detection range. All of the components are installed inside the vehicle, protecting it from the elements and heat of the engine. The lithium-ion rechargeable batteries allow the pocket-size remote to operate up to 40 hours and include a two-hour quick charge option. The product’s sleek IntelliLink 2.4 GHz wireless remote controlled design makes it possible to customize mounting locations as well as easily remove it from the car, further deterring theft.

In addition to the products’ new design and enhanced performance, the XRS R7 and XRS R9G offer features Cobra drivers have come to rely on. The full-color Extreme Bright DataGrafix™ video display offers alert screens such as car battery voltage, signal strength and an eight-point digital compass. Similar to the other XRS detectors, the R7 and R9G provide drivers with IntelliMute®, a speed sensing Auto Mute system to prevent false alerts; Voice Alert™, which clearly annunciates signals and alerts being detected; SmartPower™ to automatically shut off the unit when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off; and StrobeAlert®, which alerts the driver of approaching emergency vehicles.

The XRS R7 user-installable remote radar detector has an MSRP of $349.95. The XRS R9G, including a GPS locator with red light and speed camera database, has an MSRP of $449.95. Cobra’s new line of 2007 radar detectors will arrive in major retailers the second quarter of 2007.

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