Garmin Nuvi 350 Review

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For those of you who like simple devices that do nothing but navigate you to where you want to go, the Garmin Nuvi 350 is the best GPS for you. This GPS does not have many advances, and is simple to operate; making it a great first time GPS purchase.">

Untitled Document Physical Characteristics

The Garmin Nuvi 350 is the lightest GPS in its class, weighing only five ounces. Being less than one inch thick, it is also really compact in size. The display screen is the standard 3.5 inch. The screen displays the colors with high quality and brightness, so the screen won’t disappear with direct sunlight.

On the top of the Nuvi 350 you will find the power button. The area the power button is located makes it easy to reach when it is mounted on the windshield. On the right side of the Nuvi 350 you will find the SD card slot (SD card is where the maps are stored), an audio input for your headphones, and the USB charger connector. There is no buttons on the left or bottom of the Nuvi 350.

There is one physical feature that the Nuvi 350 has that no other GPS does, is a flip-up antenna. The flip-up antenna has the SiRFstarIII chipset inside. The SiRFstarIII is well-known chipset that is famous for getting quick signal, and stays locked on that signal.

The mount is easy to adjust and has a quick release button on the bottom.  The best feature of this mount is that the power connecter connects to directly to it. The mount charges the GPS.

Navigating to an Address

The menu is easy to understand and basically has only one function “where to?”. After you touch the screen on “where to?” you will find that you can navigate to any POI, you favorite locations, any address, intersections, a place on the map, or coordinates.

Let’s say you want to go to a specific address. What you do is select “Address”, and then you will be asked the state of which your address is in; type it in. The nice thing about the Nuvi 350 is that it will display your current state as a “quick pick option”. After you enter the state; type in the city. Then the house number, then the street name. After you have entered the address, you see the results from your search.  From there you can either touch the go button, to be routed to that address, save it as your favorite locations, or view the address on the map.

Navigating to a Point of Interest

Just like everything else with the Nuvi 350, navigating to a POI is simple. POI means point of interest it is any restaurant, body shop, gas station, ECT. When you click the “where to?” on the menu, you can select from a list of categories. For example “food”, then you can select from a list of different types of food. The Nuvi 350 will locate the list of restaurants from the category you chose. You will see that the list of restaurants is sorted by the distance from where you are located. When you select a POI you will see displayed the street address and the phone number of the restaurant. From there you have the option of selecting go and be routed there, saving the address to your favorites, or displaying the location on the map.


The display shows at the top of the screen your current and next instruction. For example, it will display “US-1 to 826”, which means you are on US-1 and your next turn is on 826. At the bottom right of the screen you will see the words “turn in”, clicking on that will display how far away your next turn is and which direction it is in. On the lower left side of the screen is a section that displays your estimated arrival time. In the center of the screen is the map and the highlighted path that you are taking.


When you encounter a block road, you can click on the menu and select the “Detour” option. Selecting this feature will create a route around the road block.

Multiple Destination Routing

Unfortunately, for those of you who like to plan multiple destinations, and make one big route, the Nuvi 350 does not have that feature. It can only route you from one destination to another at a time. So, you would have to enter each destination one at a time.

Voice Quality

A lot of people like the text-to-speech feature. This is a feature that speaks the names of the street or intersection when it is giving you directions. The voice quality itself is not known to be the best. You will sometimes not hear things as clearly as you would in other GPS in its class. With the Nuvi 350 you have multiple voices to choose from. The volume can be loud, which is great for when you go on highways or like to play your music loudly.


The Nuvi 350 has extra features that are fun. It has the option of playing MP3 files and audio books. It has 700 MB of free space, which is a lot of songs or files. This is great when you take you GPS with you and you want to entertain yourself with some music.

You also have features such as picture viewer, calculator, world clock, and currency and unit converter. This can be great features to use when you are traveling.

Nuvi 350 Purchasing Advice

The Garmin Nuvi 350 is one of the best selling GPS devices. It sells mainly because of how simple it is to use and understand. If you like a simple text-to-speech GPS the Nuvi 350 is for you. If you like a more complicated GPS with more routing features, you might want to look at other GPS devices.

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