Garmin Nuvi 880: the best GPS system on the market

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Ever wanted a passenger to know all the streets in your town and not to bother you too much while driving? Today this is possible! Of course, this is not a human being, is the Garmin Nuvi 880 GPS system! The new GPS is fitted with cutting-edge speech recognition, dynamic MSN Direct content and other interesting features. With the help of the speech recognition, the device makes the driving safer, just tell it what you want and he will do: for example you want to go to McDonalds, simply say “find” then “McDonalds” and the Garmin Nuvi 880 will find the restaurants. Also the MSN Direct services is an interesting feature, showing you information like traffic, news headlines, fuel prices and wireless “Send to GPS” feature. He only disadvantage might be its price: $800,00!

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