GPS navigation incorporated with 8-bit games

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The are people that usually prefer having one thing good for everything, for example the 2 in 1 shampoo, the cleaner for glass, bath and floor and the list continues. But it is not a precisely a good option for gadgets cause sometimes more systems combined in one gadget may not be as useful as it seems. For instance the GPS system combined with a built-in gaming unit can’t be very useful. Let’s say you’re on a long trip and it’s one of the best time to play games but in the same time you need the GPS more than ever to guide. Not being able to do both actions in the same time what is the use of the complex gadget in the end? There is another device that tried to combine both systems, the PSP which now has also the GPS. And as a solution, the new PSP is smarter than GPS due to its Multilanguage GPS, the SD/MMC memory card, Bluetooth and a Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor.

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