GPS Speed Camera Detector

Source: Inforad

I’m sure you all got caught speeding and if not many time, at lest once it happened for sure. And I’m also sure that you are tired of stories like this: you are in a 30 mph zone and you speed up to 35, and before you know it those speed cameras have stored all your details and you’re on your way to a nasty speeding fine.

Well, now someone thoought of your problems and invented the ‘INFORAD GPS Speed Camera Detector’. The price for this device is quite accesible: the initial cost is only 147$ (nothing compare to a few speed tickets) and you get a free update for the first year.

How this device work?

You simply plug the device into your cigarette lighter. As soon as a signal is detected, the green light will show and it will beep once. When approaching an area where there are probably fixed cameras nearby, the light will turn yellow and will give two beeps. The light will turn red and beep 3 times when you are in a speed camera zone. As if that isn’t enough, when you are breaking the speed limit in these zones, the light will turn red and it will beep constantly until your speed meets the speed limit.

This device works just as well in France, Germany, Benelux, Austria or Switzerland. The inforad will detect the cameras to help you on your way. You only have to connect it to your pc and make the updates and speed on! Some vehicles may have athermic windscreen or comfort screen which may make it slightly harder to pick up a signal.

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