Haicom HI-407BT

HI-407BT is a standard Bluetooth® GPS receiver and powered by regular in car cigarette lighter. HI-407BT equipped with the most recent 20 channel ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS chipsets. Simply plug HI-407BT into any regular in car cigarette lighter outlet (can take DC12V to DC24V), user can instantly enjoy the state of the art wireless GPS navigation.

HI-407BT advantages

  • Simply plug in the HI-407BT into the standard in car cigarette lighter outlet in front or in the trunk on back of the car (with optional external antenna), as soon as the car powered on, user can start using the wireless GPS navigation without worry about the Bluetooth® GPS receiver battery life.
  • Equipped with the 20 channel ultra high sensitive SiRF StarIII GPS module, HI-407BT can get 3D fixed on most cigarette lighter outlet locations and without using the external antenna.
  • Unlike normal Bluetooth® GPS receiver moving around dashboard while driving, HI-407BT can fixed on the cigarette lighter outlet and without worry about where to place the unit.
  • By connecting with different optional cables on the side of the unit, HI-407BT can also be used as a regular GPS mouse. HI-407BT can not only be wireless Bluetooth® GPS receiver and also be the wired GPS receivers, like, USB GPS receiver, RS232 GPS receiver, PDA GPS receiver, etc.

Price 89$

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