TomTom GO 910 the smartest portable car navigtion ever - 925$ The TomTom GO 910 is the most fully featured sat-nav we’ve ever taken onto the street. It boasts a 4inch widescreen, Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, text-to-speech and audiobook playback.’ One of the favourites is the new 4 inch touchscreen: ‘It’s bright and sharp, plus the device’s 400MHz processor has enough oomph to keep the refresh rate high even in 3D map mode.’ ‘The GO 910 has an excellent speaker, and the navigating voice was (...)
I’m sure you all got caught speeding and if not many time, at lest once it happened for sure. And I’m also sure that you are tired of stories like this: you are in a 30 mph zone and you speed up to 35, and before you know it those speed cameras have stored all your details and you’re on your way to a nasty speeding fine. Well, now someone thoought of your problems and invented the ‘INFORAD GPS Speed Camera Detector’. The price for this device is quite accesible: the initial cost is only 147$ (...)
Source: Inforad

This compact, portable color GPS+WAAS navigation system features built-in battery power, stereo MP3 music player, wireless full spectrum FM modulator, and a picture viewer. The iWAY 350C packs a lot of precise, easy-to-use turn-by-turn navigation with multimedia extras, and cordless anywhere portability, into a compact case at a great value!

Satellite navigation pioneer Navman launches the new iCN530, the perfect, portable navigation package. Sleek and pocket-sized, the new iCN530 measures just 22 millimetres in depth and weighs less than 200 grams, making the iCN530 one of the lightest and most portable navigation models ever. The iCN530 also features an integrated SiRF Star III GPS antenna and a non-reflective 3.5 QVGA LCD touch-screen.

OnStar Turn-By-Turn Navigation provides spoken directions without requiring the driver to enter a destination manually; without continued operator involvement (unlike current OnStar directions); but also without any navigation display. It will require a 2007 GM car and cost about $10 a month more than current basic OnStar service. OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation is the first factory-installed, fully-integrated GPS navigation product using n enhanced wireless data network and improved (...)

The Quest series has always been a versatile navigator for nearly any outdoor pursuit, and preloaded detailed road maps of all of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico make the Quest 2 even more popular to people looking for a small, yet full-featured, GPS device.

The makers of the Hertz NeverLost system have found themselves another winner: the Magellan RoadMate 860T. The basic design is the same as the Magellan RoadMate 800, but with added features such as live traffic and text-to-speech. Instead of saying "Turn right in 500 feet," the new RoadMate 860T will say "Turn right on Mulberry Lane," ensuring that you don’t miss a step on the road. The RoadMate 860T at Tiger GPS also comes with a traffic receiver, letting you view live traffic conditions right on the screen.

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