Lowrance iWay 350C

This compact, portable color GPS+WAAS navigation system features built-in battery power, stereo MP3 music player, wireless full spectrum FM modulator, and a picture viewer. The iWAY 350C packs a lot of precise, easy-to-use turn-by-turn navigation with multimedia extras, and cordless anywhere portability, into a compact case at a great value!

The Lowrance iWay 350C comes in a small package but it has big features. The built-in GPS antenna is a 16-Channel WAAS receiver for superior tracking and fast acquisition times. The 3.5” diagonal, sunlight-viewable display is a 16-bit color touch screen with an excellent 320 x 240 resolution. The Lowrance iWay 350C also includes, two lithium ion rechargeable batteries for up to 15 hours of use and they can be recharged with the included 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter.

With its 4 Gigabyte hard drive, the Navteq detailed map database for the continental US and Canada is pre-loaded to the iWay 350C, so there is no need to load maps from a PC. With its simplified touch screen the iWay 350C will allow you to enter a specific address or one of over 5 million points of interest, and route you to it with both verbal and on screen directions. Your verbal directions are supplied through the integrated speaker or you can use the built-in FM modulator to send vocal directions wirelessly to an FM station on your car stereo. If you miss a turn, the iWay 350C will recalculate your directions and get you back on track. Lowrance also has added the ability to view the map with a traditional overhead view as well as an elevated 3-D view of the road ahead. With storage of 1,000 addresses you can store all of your favorite addresses to easily navigate back to them.

The SD/MMC card expansion slot on the iWay 350c will allow you to access MP3 audio files and JPEG images. The MP3 player will play music through the built-in speaker as well as use the FM modulator to send your audio files through an FM station on your vehicles stereo system. The picture viewer will allow you to display JPEG images from an SD/MMC card that is inserted into the iWay 350C.



  • Sunlight-viewable, 16-bit color TFT touch-screen display
  • 320H x 240V pixel resolution
  • 3.5" (8.9 cm) diagonal display size
  • Super-bright, white LED backlit screen


  • Built-in, precision 16-channel GPS+WAAS receiver
  • Simplified touch-screen menus
  • Three selectable mapping displays: 2-D Track Up, 2-D North Up, and Elevated 3-D
  • Built-in, detailed and highly accurate NAVTEQ� turn-by-turn database for the continental U.S. and Canada with over 5 million Points-Of-Interest
  • Turn-by-turn audio and visual cues, including auto-zooming and automatic recalculation of directions after a missed turn
  • Street address searching, plus auto-routing choices to choose or avoid Toll Roads and Interstates, and avoid Left-Hand Turns
  • Mega-memory storage for up to 1,000 address
  • Maps can be updated through the internal USB port with a PC
  • Safety Passenger Mode allows a passenger to use the GPS features while the car is in motion

Media Players

  • Full-featured stereo MP3 music player with digital media card slot for loading music with an SD/MMC memory card
  • Built-in FM modulator to wirelessly stream music and voice directions through any open FM radio channel
  • Full-featured picture viewer displays JPEG photos stored on MMC/SD memory cards


  • Rugged 4GB hard drive for built-in, high-detail mapping
  • Operates on 2 internal lithium ion rechargeable batteries for up to 15 hours of cordless navigation, music and picture viewing
  • Built-in battery charger
  • Integrated speaker
  • 4.52"W x 3.54"H x 2.55"D (11.48cm x 8.99 cm x 6.48 cm)
  • Full one-year warranty

Accessories Included

  • 12 vDC plug power adapter for power and recharging
  • Suction-cup mounting bracket for windshield applications*
  • USB to PC interface cable
  • iWAY™ 350C protective cover
  • Touch-screen cleaning cloth

PRICE 499.95, you can buy it here

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