Magellan eXplorist 600

The eXplorist 600 is a multi-purpose color Magellan handheld GPS unit with expandable SD memory. Magellan took the explorist line a step further by loading it with an electronic compass to point you in the right direction when standing still, a barometer/themometer to keep you aware of upcoming weather and even a barometric altimeter giving you the best possible accuracy of your current elevation, making the explorist 600 easily one of the top hand held systems available today.

The Magellan Geocache Manager enables you to download caches directly to your eXplorist 600 and with the PC-style file memory system it’s easy to manage all of your data. Finally, the eXplorist 600 features a 16-color display so you can see everything in brilliant color. Easily navigate with the intuitive keypad and the joystick control. Add detailed street maps, topo or lake maps using optional Magellan MapSend software to expand the use of your eXplorist 600.

The eXplorist 600 has an 8MB basemap with major roads as well as major Points of Interest, and that mapping can be expanded with the purchase of compatible Magellan Mapsend software and a SD memory card. The eXplorist 600 can use the SD card to store maps as well as an unlimited amount of waypoints, track logs, and routes. The eXplorist 600 has a Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack that can provide up to 17-hours of use and comes with a USB interface cable so you can transfer information at high speeds. Just like the rest of the eXplorist line, Magellan has made the operation simple so just about anyone can use it; there is even a Geocache Manager to easily manage your geocaching coordinates. The eXplorist is built for all outdoor adventures with its waterproof casing, rubber armor and impact resistant plastic. Other features include Area Calculation function, 10 Languages, and four navigation screens.

PRICE 499.99$, you can buy it here.

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