Navman iCN 530

Satellite navigation pioneer Navman launches the new iCN530, the perfect, portable navigation package. Sleek and pocket-sized, the new iCN530 measures just 22 millimetres in depth and weighs less than 200 grams, making the iCN530 one of the lightest and most portable navigation models ever. The iCN530 also features an integrated SiRF Star III GPS antenna and a non-reflective 3.5 QVGA LCD touch-screen.

The iCN530 is packed with advanced features: extended voice guidance which now includes junction and road numbers; clearer map display and colour choice; additional 3D next-turn map arrows; and detailed trip-meter report. Furthermore, the iCN530 offers unique one-touch fuel and park buttons to quickly and safely locate the nearest petrol stations and parking places. A new and simplified car mount design also allows quickrelease and safe storage of the iCN530. To escape traffic, the iCN530 also offers subscription-free, live traffic information via an optional traffic pack first launched by Navman in 2005.

Escape Traffic

The innovative traffic pack makes the iCN530 the definitive driving companion. Attach the pack and the iCN530 receives live TMC traffic updates. Updates are then displayed as icons on the map to provide all the information you need for the road ahead. You can therefore easily plan your trip, while also choosing between automatic or manual re-routing to avoid congested areas. The plug and play pack fits neatly and discreetly into the back of the iCN530 cradle and includes subscription-free traffic information for the UK, France and Germany, with no need for additional equipment and no hidden data costs.

Ultimate Performance

The iCN530 comes equipped with the very latest GPS technology in second generation SiRF Star III. It pinpoints your location even faster and improves reception in environments where there is a weak signal, such as areas surrounded by high buildings or dense foliage. Ultimate performance doesn t just mean superb GPS though; simplicity and ease-of-use are also key contributors to the iCN530 s performance. Designed to work straight out of thebox, the iCN530 offers all the great features associated with the current Navman iCN range including back-on-track technology, 3D-map view and turn-by-turn voice instructions. In fact, navigation couldn t be easier: By simply inputting a destination on the colour touch screen, the iCN530 quickly plans the best route door-to-door. There is a wide range of ways to enter a destination, including by area, town, specific street, junction or point of Interest. The iCN530 even supports full UK postcodes, for quick and simple input to precise locations.

UK and Ireland maps packed with the latest TeleAtlas data are standard on the iCN 530, while the supplied CD provides additional street-level maps for 17 European countries. Advanced map imagery gives a superb impression of surroundings on screen, including land contours, parks and forests and a choice of full 3D moving maps, plus a 2D mini-map screen and route summary. Also included with the iCN530 are a sleek lightweight remote control, car charger and main power adaptor.

The Perfect Portable Package

Prash Vadgama, president of Navman s Consumer Navigation Group, said, We are constantly looking at ways to push the boundaries of satellite navigation through innovative product development. Navman was the first GPS provider to offer subscription-free live traffic, and the traffic pack with the iCN530 is a good example of how, once again, we are driving portable navigation to the next level. We have already experienced great success with traffic information through our high-end iCN550 and we are excited to bring an affordable device to the market that offers the fantastic additional value of real-time traffic information.

The iCN530 represents Navman s continued drive to create great user experiences by focusing on the important things, Prash explained. Portable design is important to users for both convenience and security reasons. Our innovative one-touch fuel and park buttons help users access important last-mile information both quickly and safely. Also, our advanced, new features such as extended voice guidance and live traffic deliver a richer and more beneficial experience. In short, the new iCN530 s advanced features add up to provide the perfect, portable iCN package.


  • Weight - 7.1oz
  • Size - 4.7in x 3.1in x .85in
  • Memory - 64MB SD RAM, 256/512MB NAND Flash memory + SD/MMC memory expansion
  • Processor - Samsung 2440 – 300MHz
  • Battery - Rechargeable integrated Li ION – up to 4hrs life (depending on usage)
  • GPS Receiver - SiRF Star III Generation 2
  • Screen - Anti-glare high resolution 3.5’’ color touch-screen
  • Power - 12V DC in car power connector
  • PC connection - USB 1.1

Price 499.95$, you can buy it here.

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