Prober E319: In-Dash Car PC

Source: Gizmodo

If you do not like to see cables and chargers in your car this in-dash car PC from Prober Industries, called the “E319″ is perfect for you. The device functions as an entertainment center and has a 6.5″ touch screen with 800×480 resolution with a 65 degree viewing angle. It’s an actual PC - with a 20GB hard disk and 128MB of RAM, presided over by a 400MHz AMD AU1200 chip.

You can connect to the internet using GPRS networks that can be used as a cell phone over GSM networks. The navigation system supposedly can provide voice guidance and route planning. Other features that are worth mentioning: AM/FM radio, DVD, VCD, CD, MP3 player. USB and headset ports in front and a stylus pen.


Which brand’s of 6.5" LCD?

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