TomTom ONE Review

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First starting out only in Europe, the TomTom ONE just recently arrived to America. With many features at hand the TomTom ONE may look more complicated than it actually is.

Physical Characteristics

Not large in its size with a 3.5 inch standard display, the TomTom ONE is perfect as a portable GPS. It is not only small, but lightweight (5.6 ounces), and slim (3.8 inches wide and 1 inch thick). It can fit in your pocket or in one hand, so you can pretty much take it anywhere you go. You can not only use it in a car but on foot, with the pedestrian feature. The TomTom ONE can create routes for pedestrians. The only downfall to the one is that it only has a 2 hour battery life so have your charger at hand.

TomTom ONE Review

It can display up to 64,000 colors, and they are bright. Due to it’s brightness in colors the screen doesn’t wash out or disappear in bright or direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the TomTom ONE does not come with the feature that automatically switches the display from day mode to night mode. Although it does not do it automatically that does not mean that it does not have the feature. With a few clicks you can manually change the screen display from night mode to day mode and visa versa. Both modes also come with a brightness setting. You can also change the screen to display into three different color schemes, for those of you who like to customize your stuff.

TomTom ONE Review

The mount is not really a favorite among most people. It comes in a ball and socket design, which makes it really easy to pretty much make it face in any direction that you want. Unfortunately, the joint is a bit too hard and sometimes when you try to move the mount the suction comes off. The positive to that is that you will be sure that it will not be wiggling everywhere. People often do not like the fact that the mount is to short, but in reality it is only .5 inches shorter than the more popular GPS system mounts.

TomTom ONE Review

The TomTom ONE has a power button and a charger indicator light on the top of it. It comes with a SD card, which loads in the bottom. The SD card is where the maps come loaded. It also has a speaker in the back, which can get really loud. That is a good feature for the people who like to listen to their music on full blast. The speaker volume can be adjusted by touching the display and moving your finger in the direction you want the volume to be adjusted to. The only negative feature that many people do not like is where the charger USB connection is located. It is at the bottom of the TomTom ONE and it can really limit where you put the TomTom on the windshield. Often times people like to have the GPS rest on the dash and mounted to the windshield to make it more sturdy, but where the USB connecter is located you cant really do that. Another problem with the location of the USB connection is that the cord can sometimes run across the center console.

TomTom ONE Review


SiRFstarIII is very famous for its quick signal strength gain and its ability to keep a lock on locations, often times that is a problem for other GPS devices. Not for the TomTom ONE, it comes standard with this chipset.

TomTom has a 32 MB of RAM and 266 MHz processor. This is often a issue because it may take awhile, if there is a long list, between typing the letter in and getting the feedback. If you are planning on getting directions to a location further than the usual everyday route, the TomTom ONE may take a little bit longer to calculate the directions.

Routing to an Address

Many people have said that the routing is really easy. To use the routing you touch the screen which leads you to the "Menu". Then you touch the Navigate icon. This will lead you to another "Menu", where you can navigate to an "Address", "City Center", "Zip Code", or "Intersection". To find an address for example, you touch the "Address" icon, and it will ask you for the "City", which saves you time in entering the address. After you enter the "City", you enter the "Street Name". The positive thing about the TomTom ONE is that you don’t have to be a good speller, it will give you a list of similar names to the one you entered. Once you have entered the street name it will ask you for the "Street Number", if you enter a street number that is out of range, it will give you a list of street numbers that are closest to the one you have entered.

TomTom ONE Review

You can Route through many different routing options, such as the fastest route, shortest route, avoiding tolls, avoiding freeway, and limited speed route. It also has the feature to show you routes if ou are on bike or walking.

The TomTom ONE also comes with the option of specifying a certain time that you want to arrive. It will display on your map what time you are arriving and if you are behind or ahead of schedule and by how many minutes.

Routing to a POI

POI means Point Of Interest; it can be a certain rest stop or gas station, or even a store or restaurant. When you are navigating to a POI, you have many options. You have a choice of routing to a POI close to where you are currently located, close to your house, close to another city, closest to the route you are taking, and closest to your destination. The good thing about these options is you can pretty much find a point anywhere

To set it up, you first choose how far away you want to search, and then you select a category. The category is setup alphabetically, the only downfall is that it does not display phone numbers.

Status Display, Voice

TomTom ONE Review

The map can be displayed in 3D or 2D modes. When you are driving what you see on the display is an arrow showing your next turn, and a highlight of the path you are taking. You will also see that while you are moving, the TomTom ONE displays the distance of your next turn, the distance remaining, the estimated amount of time to get there, and the estimated time you will be arriving at. It also notifies you if you are on schedule or behind, and by how many minutes. The display also shows you the GPS signal strength. You can even add to the display a few other neat features, such as your speed.

TomTom ONE Review

Like we said before, the TomTom ONE could get really loud, and be heard crystal clear. The only downfall is that the TomTom ONE does not come with the text-to-speech feature. Which is when the GPS reads outloud the intersection or street names, but the TomTom makes up for it by showing you clear directions, and in a timely manner. It will give you the current instruction and the next instruction for those turns that happen one after the other. For example it will tell you “At the end of the road, turn left. Then turn right”. It will even warn you to get into certain lanes to prepare you for the turns ahead.

Avoiding Roadblocks, Streets, Towns

The TomTom ONE has an interesting feature called “calculate alternative,” and what that does is calculate a different route to the same destination you entered. That is a great feature if you want to change the scenery. You can also avoid any roadblocks by setting the TomTom to “avoid roadblocks”.

You can also avoid a certain city or street that is in the route. All you have to do is select the street or city you want to avoid and the TomTom will find a way around that street or city.

Multiple Destination Routing

Through the Itinerary Planning system, you can combine several destinations into one route. What you do is enter the list of places you want to go and it will combine everything into one route. Perfect for those days where you have to visit several places.

Planning in Advance

The TomTom ONE comes with a very interesting feature that not many GPS have, its called the Advance Planning feature. What it does is let you plan a trip right in the comfort of your home or hotel. The positive to this feature is you can find out how long it will take you to go from one destination to the next before going on the trip. How does it work?

TomTom ONE Review

Well its actually really simple. Lets say you are flying from Miami to New York City, and you want to know how long it will take you from the New York airport to your hotel. Well all you have to do is use the Advanced Planning function and set your “depart from” New York City airport, by looking it up in the POI, then set your destination by looking up the hotel also in the POI. The TomTom ONE will then show you the route summary, how long and far the trip is, and of course the map route.

Purchasing Guidance

TomTom ONE Review

If you want a GPS that comes with a music player, text-to-speech, and Bluetooth the TomTom ONE is not the GPS for you. If you like a GPS with advance routing functions nd portability, the TomTom ONE is the right GPS to buy. It has a few more function than the more popular GPS systems, making it a little more complicated to use. Over all the TomTom ONE is user friendly and has many options that you will not find in any other GPS

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