Video: Add some Jedi touch to your TomTom with these new Star Wars voices

Ever get tired of that monotonous voice that comes out of your sat-nav? You know what we’re talking about; that voice that could just as easily lull you to sleep as it can give you directions.

TomTom has an idea; their actually bringing in some voices you might be familiar with, that is if you’re a Star Wars fan. For only $13, you can customize your TomTom by adding the voices of no less than Darth Vader to serve as your official voice-over. Now, if you can take that baritone, heavy breathing sound as in your TomTom, then you won’t have any problem with Darth Vader. However, if you can’t, you can opt for other Star Wars characters, including Yoda, Han Solo, and C3PO.

If you haven’t a clue as to how the whole thing works - or how you can use Darth Vader to direct you to the nearest K-Mart - check the video out and see how the folks from TomTom recorded Darth Vader’s voice.

Source: Tom Tom


I have altered the route. Pray I do not alter it again.

This is cool dude!, I also want c3po to speak on my tomtom while I’m turning round-about(ooops that’’s darth) lol

rofl, my friends would be shock after putting this one.

Never under estimate the power of the dark side... heheh i wonder of the TomTom will also read this line.

Great voice and I think many kids will enjoy those kind of voices especially featuring the voices of Darth Vader, C3PO, Yoda, and Han Solo I guess they will soon yell at you for making a wrong turn and advise you to make the next legal U-turn on your TomTom device.

LMAO... This is a good one. Specially the "Round-Abound" but isn’t that scary to hear a sound like this while driving at night?

hahaha that was a funny movie. It really helps release my stress from long drive and freaking traffic yesterday.

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