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Usually at SEMA Show we see plenty of customized cars but this year we will see also the Nextar Q4-MD, a new GPS fitted with MSN Direct support, and a 4.3-inch touchscreen display. For those who don’t know, the MSN Direct is an online service that delivers important data to your device such as traffic conditions, fuel prices or weather data.

Nextar to introduce Q4-MD navigator at SEMA

The new device will feature also a 2d or 3d map viewing, an SD Card slot for additional memory, will be capable to play Mp3s, will have USB connectivity and a receargable Li-Ion battery. For those interested the device will be available from 2009 and priced at $329.99.

Press release after the jump.

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Remote License Plate Cover, the ultimate tool for speeding cameras

Since most of us don’t have a muppet to take care of our speeding tickets , this little gadget may be useful for defeating speeding cameras. This RF license plate cover features motorized panels which can cover your license plates. Now with the push of a key fob button you can drive as fast as you want. So far we’ve only seen it for international style long plates, but for those who are interested it can be found here.

P.S. When the cops catch you, and they will, you didn’t get the idea from us.

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Not since Calvin relieving himself on your least favorite car brand has been so easy for a driver to show his/her feelings. "The Hand" remote controller window sign is a funny and useful gadget that signs how you feel towards the other drivers. For $40, this electroluminescent gesturing hand will allow to focus your attention completely on the road.

Just make sure you always have some expression always on. To correctly fit all the different gestures, the blank hand has six fingers.

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Say good-bye to in-car conversation. 2009 will be the first year when more than half of the vehicles manufactured in America will be offered with support for iPod. So now on your trip to the local store, you will likely packing enough music for days. In 2008, 39 percent of new cars offered iPod support, but that number will jump to 58 percent next year.

According to Phil Magney, vice president of automotive research for iSuppli, the future sales of the vehicles will be seriously influenced by in-vehicle technologies. For example, due to the fact that Bluetooth technology is integrated in every phone, more than 82% of the 2009 vehicles will have it as an option or as a standard.

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The are people that usually prefer having one thing good for everything, for example the 2 in 1 shampoo, the cleaner for glass, bath and floor and the list continues. But it is not a precisely a good option for gadgets cause sometimes more systems combined in one gadget may not be as useful as it seems. For instance the GPS system combined with a built-in gaming unit can’t be very useful. Let’s say you’re on a long trip and it’s one of the best time to play games but in the same time you need the GPS more than ever to guide. Not being able to do both actions in the same time what is the use of the complex gadget in the end? There is another device that tried to combine both systems, the PSP which now has also the GPS. And as a solution, the new PSP is smarter than GPS due to its Multilanguage GPS, the SD/MMC memory card, Bluetooth and a Samsung ARM9 400MHz processor.

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Have you ever seen your kids bored in your long family trips? Well, today we have the solution: Carcade, a concept for an in-car videogame designed for the passengers, which actually captures the landscape and uses it as a videogame environment. For example trees and houses on your window will be recognized by the incorporated camera connected to a laptop, and then it will enter your game. Also, when the car accelerates, the game will become more difficult (that’s got to be safe.)

The bad news is that for the moment the game is only a concept. But who knows, maybe in the future you will be able to play you’re own live version of Midnight Club !

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Some people don’t want to be away from their muscle cars, even if its buying more parts for them online. For people like this, “Road Mice” provides a wireless computer mouse in the shape of different models such as Ford Mustang , the new Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger or Chevrolet Corvette .

RDM presents the new Road Mice for muscle car fans

The funny accessory is compatible with both PC and Mac and features the latest RF and optical technology with a high resolution of 800 dpi. The scroll button is placed on the hood while the 4-wheels mouse received also a pair of working headlights.

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In the never-ending quest to keep eyes on the road, Parrot, the well known manufacturer specialized in wireless mobile telephone accessories, launched its MKi Series. This is a range of iPhod-enabled control systems specially developed to be used in your car. The MKi series features two microphones incorporated with text to speech technology that interfaces with the iPod or iPhone. MKi series comes with three models, the MKi9000, MKi9100 and MKi9200, each fitted with a RF remote control.

The MKi9100 features a blue 2 lines OLED display while the 9200 comes with a 2.4 inch color TFT display. MKi displays information regarding phone status, phone book and a small playlist while the 9200 features some extra information such as caller picture id, full playlist and LP covers. The retail prices of the Parrot MKi system are as follows: MKi9000 for $231, MKi9100 for $266 and MKi9200 for $337.

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Diesel cars running on vegetable oil isn’t just for hippies anymore... Now its for the at home do-it-yourself crowd. Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System is a kit which contains everything you need to convert your diesel vehicle to run on straight vegetable oil. The kit includes an aluminum heated fuel cell, Quick-flush switching and 10 micron filter.

Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System

Using the vegetable oil as fuel not only you reduce the emissions of your vehicle but also reduce fuel costs. If you are interested in buying one you can go here.

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Nowadays, when everybody is always in hurry and has less and less time to waist the navigator becomes more and more indispensable. After a long absence, Magellan strikes the market with its new Maestro, a new GPS meant to help drivers arrive everywhere they wish. The device features a 4.3-inch WVGA display, Bluetooth, an integrated AAA TourBook, QuickSpell, rechargeable battery, integrated MP3 player, live traffic support and an FM transmitter. At first sight it doesn’t seem to anything out-of-the-box but Magellan surely thinks otherwise about their product pricing it for $599.99.

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