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Bluetooth Lambo for under $100!

As the ruthless commercialisation of well established brands continue we have now been presented with…

A Lamborghini Bluetooth headset. What I assume to be one of the cheapest Lambo products available at $70, this offers a 10m range and 6 hours of talk time and is available to buy online.

I’m not too sure this will give you the kudos owning a Gallardo will but if you already have one and live for everything Lamborghini then it seems reasonably priced.

When it comes to smelling good we spent lots of dollars on perfumes. But also your car wants to smell good. And you can start at the tires with the new Ecsta DX Aroma, first scented tires. And they only cost $81.

Using a special mixing technology to blend the synthetic oils that provide the fragrant scent into the rubber compound, these heat-resistant oils are said to enhance the bonding of rubber chains and maximize the viscoelasticity of the rubber compound, which helps reduce braking distances on wet or dry roads. The Ecsta DX Aroma compound also features silica to improve all-weather performance and wet traction.

The GoPro camera is a light, compact and robust onboard digital camera designed specifically to capture extreme sports. Its compact design allow you to place it where regular camcorder would not fit, and its robust waterproof case should save it from your intrepid stunts, even in the rain or snow. Read our complete GoPro review, including onboard sample footage, after the jump.

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Remember James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS in “Casino Royal”? In his Aston Martin he had a gear shit knob that lit up. Well now you can have a version of that in your own car.

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