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For those of you who like taking your truck off roading, fishing, camping, or motocross; you might like this invention. It’s called Airbedz, and it is a new way to use the bed of your truck.

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I have seen many pickup trucks that are really tall, and getting into the bed is sometimes tuff. AMP Research came up with the new BedStep to solve that problem. It is a retractable step that you attach to your rear bumper mount, and uses the spring-loaded cam to hold the step in an open or closed position.

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Locking your keys in your car is probably something that everyone has done. We then have to call a lock smith and wait for hours for them to appear and pry open your car door. Imagine a safe that is attached to the outside of your car, and all you have to do is enter your combination and retrieve your spare.

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Driving and checking your email is dangerous, and when you have a PDA or smartphone that notifies you that you have an email it kind of hard not to check. iLane could help you out with that. iLane is the world’s first hands-free and eyes-free email solution.

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Auto enthusiasts should know TAG Heuer very well. The Swiss luxury watchmaker makes some of the finest and widely-used precision timing tools in the world to keep track of some of the fastest drivers on the planet in F1, IRL, Le Mans and GT racing with 1/10,000th-of-a-second accuracy. Of course, they also make some of the sickest watches in the universe too. The TAG Heuer Carrera was born in 1962 in the pits and paddocks of the racing circuit. TAG Heuer’s honorary chairman, Jack Heuer, (...)
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Clocky is an alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up. Clocky gives you one chance to get up but if you stay longer in bed and snooze, it will jump off of your nightstand and run around your room looking for a place to hide. Few properties of the funny alarm clock: > Set your snooze time, 0-9 min > Snooze once before he runs away > Choose 0 and he runs right away > Can jump from up to 3 feet > Moves on wood and carpet > Press snooze to view time at night (...)
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How would you like to drive around in your car with a Glassback roof like the new Scion TC? If that sounds like a dream for you, then wishes do really come true. Webasto is just the company to make that dream come true. Unfortunately you cannot add the Glassback roof to just any car, it is only available for all 2005 + Mustang coupes and Chrysler 300.

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We have all been there, especially if you have leather seats, where your back gets all sweaty and sticks to the car seat. Well, of you don’t mind covering your leather seats; this might be a good solution to that problem. It’s a Car Seat Fan Cooler Cushion! As funny as it sounds it can actually help out on those hot days where your back gets sweaty and sticky. If you live in Miami or any other hot city where winter is not one of your seasons, this is a great idea.

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