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Ok so you ’ve got an Apple IPOD and you want to hook it up to your automobile but dont want to throw down 80 bucks for the fancy Monster FM transmitor. How about paying for a connector that goes for $20 dollars and sounds better than the FM transmitter that goes for 4 times as much money. I use one of these with my Audi and I tell you it sounds better than those expensive FM transmitters. Check out the :
Sony CPA-9C Car Cassette Adapter

The beginners that drive next to you really drive you crazy? You have a really good sense of humor? In this case the Road Rage Cards is just what you need if you really want to make a statement. The printing is large and easy to read from a distance. The cards are tabbed and arranged by topic, so you can find the right message fast. The book includes a variety of uncensored and censored messages. It includes message for just about every annoying driver you’ll encounter (43 messages in (...)
3GSM World Congress 2007, Barcelona, Spain/Espoo, Finland - Nokia today announced the Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W, a revolutionary car kit to ease your communications on the road. The bright 2.2 inch color display provides a convenient backdrop for easily viewing and controlling your call functions while the separate input device provides controls for volume adjustment and accepting or ending calls. Once paired with a compatible phone, the Nokia Bluetooth Display Car Kit CK-15W (...)
What is the point of the suspension system in a car? Passenger comfort and vehicle control. But many times a suspension system can’t achieve this two goals: in a luxury sedan the suspension is usually designed with an emphasis on comfort, but the result is a vehicle that rolls and pitches while driving and during turning and braking. In sports cars, where the emphasis is on control, the suspension is designed to reduce roll and pitch, but comfort is sacrificed. And what can we do to have (...)
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For stupid game during rush hour with other drivers with digital display message, this special car gadget is a funny unique gift using mad animated msn emocions. Special car gadget for novelty auto gift wrap using mad animated msn emocions, play a stupid game during rush hour with other drivers using digital display message. This special car gadget, a digital display message, Drivemocion, a funny unique gift for novelty auto gift wrap using mad animated msn emocions is a special auto (...)
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They were the cars that created the Porsche legend. Fast and agile, those vintage 911s were designed to outperform. We used them as inspiration to create this unique leather shoe for a new distinct adidas driving look. Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel Contrast heel and outsole detailing Imported Price: $100
Cobra Electronics announced the launch of the first-to-market, easy-to-install wireless remote controlled radar/laser detector with GPS locator. The product’s sleek design makes the new device virtually invisible—helping to deter theft—while Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne(r) (S-XRS™) Maximum Performance 12 Band™ Technology with LaserEye(r) ensures the detection of the fastest radar and laser guns, including POP Mode. The XRS R7 and CES Innovation Award honoree XRS R9G (...)

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