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The famed Halda Watch Company of Sweden is introducing a new convertible into the market for high-dollar racing watches. There’s a twist to this beauty’s black titanium frame: it accepts both a gorgeous mechanical movement as well as a high-tech digital chronometer for racing lap times and three-axis g-force readings.

The concept of two watches serving different purposes enhances the authenticity of the product for a realistic racing tie-in. The digital portion, or the Racing Module, is pre-loaded with full maps of the world’s 150 top racetracks, like Suzuka in Japan and Silverstone in England. The digital face is also perfectly useful in real life via reconfigurable display settings to deliver all the critical watch functions plus a few extra, like a super-loud alarm amplifier to be heard over racing engines.

Offered as a single watch or the pair of faces, the new Race Module also clips into Halda’s existing flagship watch, the Space Discovery.

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We’ve all been there and done that; you’re cruising down the road and the “Check Engine” light pops on. Then you have three choices. Choice No. 1 is simply ignoring the light and risking damaging important components on your car. Choice No. 2 is taking the car to the shop and pay upward of $100 just to have the light diagnosed. Choice No. 3 is to buy your own scanner for $50-plus and hope that you can sort out the problem.

Well, now there is a product named Automatic Link that takes the place of the standard OBD-II scanner and spits out the code that the check engine light was caused by and a general summary of the code right on your Bluetooth-compatible smartphone.

On top of being a rolling and wireless scanner, it also keeps tab on your driving style, mpg and so much more.

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The advocates for eliminating cell phone usage in vehicles have reason to rejoice due to the newest product delivered by BlueAnt this past Monday. The new S4 allows the driver to operate their cell phone with only their voice. To activate the S4 the driver only needs to say, “BlueAnt speak to me”. Not the most original phrase, but easy to remember. To make a call, all the driver has to say is, “Phone Commands” and the S4’s will activate your phone’s voice dialing feature.

Receiving calls on the S4 is just as easy as making them. When the phone rings, the S4 will announce the name of the person calling or the phone number that is calling. The driver can easily answer or ignore the call by stating his choice. The S4 goes a step further by operating with the Vlingo Safereader installed on a Blackberry or Android to read out the text messages sent to your phone. The phone also works with the Microsoft BING 411 to connect the driver with stock quotes, movie times, directions, weather forecasts, sports results, news and traffic updates.

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Ever get tired of that monotonous voice that comes out of your sat-nav? You know what we’re talking about; that voice that could just as easily lull you to sleep as it can give you directions.

TomTom has an idea; their actually bringing in some voices you might be familiar with, that is if you’re a Star Wars fan. For only $13, you can customize your TomTom by adding the voices of no less than Darth Vader to serve as your official voice-over. Now, if you can take that baritone, heavy breathing sound as in your TomTom, then you won’t have any problem with Darth Vader. However, if you can’t, you can opt for other Star Wars characters, including Yoda, Han Solo, and C3PO.

If you haven’t a clue as to how the whole thing works - or how you can use Darth Vader to direct you to the nearest K-Mart - check the video out and see how the folks from TomTom recorded Darth Vader’s voice.

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We all know that Jay Leno loves his cars. After all, he probably has enough cars – modern and vintage – to make his own showroom. But despite owning a fleet of some of the most expensive and prestigious vehicles in the world, we still don’t know as to how much of a car fanatic Jay Leno is. That’s until we found out that our favorite ex-late night talk show host has his own 3D scanner, which he uses to scan and print rare and irreplaceable car parts from his vintage classics. Now, that’s something you’ve never heard before.

Leno’s revolutionary gadget is a NextEngine 3D Scanner, which can scan a fully-functioning auto part in 20 minutes at 160,000 dots per inch resolution. After doing so, he takes his scanned image and prints it into a plastic 3D model using his Dimension 3D Printer. While the resulting part isn’t the final piece of the exercise – he takes the plastic, which can be scanned and printed in three hours, and uses it to make a mold that will eventually produce the metal, which he uses on the car.

We know a lot of car aficionados the world over that would go to great lengths to restore their precious vehicles, but we’ve never seen anyone that has an device that can actually make a 3D image of a vintage car part. But that’s why Jay Leno is who he is.

Can’t afford a afford a Porsche GT3 RS ? or just sick of telling people the color of your Porsche GT3 RS and wish there was something that could represent it it? Do you walk a lot?

For the person who has everything but taste, now there is a company called Purchaze that has mimicked the color scheme from the high performance 911. If you do purchase a pair of these Nike Air Max shoes, you will at least be in good company. The maintenance team from one of Porsche’s racing crews will also be sporting these kicks.

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Sports car seats are soooooo comfortable on long trips that they must work well in cubicle too, right? (can you detect the sarcasm?)

For those who want to add a little zoom to the boardroom, RaceChairs utilizes restored car seats from different car makers such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini , Porsche and Corvette. The donor cars these seats come from aren’t exactly cheap, so neither are the office versions. For instance, contingent on the condition of the original seat, a Ferrari 360 office chair can fetch around $6,000 and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 chair up to $11,000.

Since these seat are reconditioned, some may have come from famous first owners. Part of the allure of owning one is that your butt may be taking up the same space as Paris Hilton’s or Michael Shumaker’s once occupied.

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Wright is the enemy of speed. So these wheels featuring an outer portion made of carbon fiber and a magnesium wheel face my be the next big thing. HRE/Dymag introduced these at SEMA last week as the first production carbon fiber wheels.

These should come in 19 inch and 20 inch sizes with pricing expected to be between $2,500 and $4,000 per wheel (or around $10,000 to $16,000 for a set of four wheels). They will be available for sale early next year, and each should weigh about 21 pounds.

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Gear Head shampoo the solution for you hair

A real man doesn’t need a steady reminder of his manliness. Consider for example, Gear Head Shampoo ($6), combining all kinds of manly ingredients in its manly recipe, such as Aloe Vera gel, oils of lemon, orange and basil scents, and Jojoba oil, all mixed into an all man motor oilesque container. If you are not a man, this recipe is apparently not for you.

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Navigon, the leading innovator in the navigation market, released today its latest products: the 5100 max and 2090S, two new GPS systems to help you arrive faster where you’re heading. Both of these systems are delivered with a FreshMaps package , which means that you will be able to make eight updates over a two year period. The 5100 max features a 4.3-inch widescreen, has real-time Traffic updates for life, Reality View Pro, a system that displays 3D views, Bluetooth Hands-free, advanced text-to-speech guidance than announces the directions and street names and DirectHelpSM system which provides directions to nearby emergency service providers including hospitals, pharmacies and road-side help. The smaller 2090S comes with the same features but includes a 3.5-inch display. The cost is between $199.99 and $299.99 for the systems.

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