Escort Passport 9500i

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The newest addition to the Escort family is the new Escort Passport 9500i. It has new features that will set the standard high for other radar detectors. Being known for their top selling Passport 8500 x50, they had to go only up with this new model. It has new features such as a GPS chipset to mark false alarms, Voice Alerts, and even memory to store speed trap locations. This is a great step up for us speed demons.

Physical Characteristics

The new Passport looks a lot like the older model, but sleeker. On the left side it has a standard 1/8” earphone jack, and a modular smart connection (which is where the power connector connects). On the right side on the Passport 9500i is a mini USB data port.

Escort Passport 9500i

Inside the Passport 9500i, located behind the keypad, is the SiRFstar III chipset. Which is well known for its fast GPS satellite signal strength; and great lock on the signal (more on why it has that chipset later on). The keypad is on top of the radar detector. The nice thing about this keypad is that it had a nickel plated look to it, with LED backlight. The display screen is the standard radar detector screen, but with high intensity LED matrix. That helps to prevent the sun from washing out the screen display.

TrueLock System Rejection

This is where the SiRFstar III GPS chipset comes to play in the Passport 9500i. The TrueLock System Rejection is a new GPS powered feature that will help to avoid false alarms. What you do is press the mute button a few times when you are in the area of a false alarm, and your Passport will never give you a false alarm in that area again. What the Passport does is it saves into the memory the coordinates of the location and the frequency of the signal. The nice thing is that if a new frequency appears or frequency different from the one you saved, it will still warn you!

Escort Passport 9500i

Variable Speed Sensitivity

This is a cool feature. Based on your speed the Passport 9500i can change its sensitivity automatically. That means if you are on the highway the radar’s sensitivity is higher than it would be if you are driving in a neighborhood. If you are going at the right speeds or parking, the sensitivity is turned down automatically to a zero, this helps avoid alerts when you are driving bellow the speed limits.

Speed Alert

To make the right choices when you hear an alert, you need to know what your car’s speed is at the time of the alert, if it is a radar or laser, and how far away the signal is. The amazing thing is the creators of the Passport thought of that, and programmed the Passport 9500i to give you all of that information.

Mark Location

This is a cool new feature that I am sure that all the new radar detectors will have. The Passport 9500i can mark locations of where there is a speed trap, camera, or where the speed limit changes quickly. All you have to do is click on the “Mark” button a few times when you are in the location that you want the Passport 9500i to remind you of the speed trap, camera, speed limit change, or anything that you want to be reminded of. The next time you are near the area you “Marked” the Passport 9500i will alert you of your location. This is a great way to avoid the instant-on radar or lasers when you are near a speed trap.

Escort Passport 9500i
Voice Alerts

The Passport 9500i uses sounds to indicate signal strength, and different tones to alert you the band it’s receiving. If you want a more advanced radar detector that has voice alert, you could choose the new Voice Alert option. Voice alert will tell you that you have an alert and, also read the user controls.

Auto Volume

I like this feature a lot; it is great for the sound differences of a major highway and a neighborhood street. The Passport 9500i has a miniature microphone that monitors the noise surrounding it, and will increase or decrease the alert volume based on the volume of the noise around it. So if you like to listen to loud music or have a group of people in your car having a conversation, you do not have to adjust your Passport; it will do it for you.


· 360-degree radar and laser detection

· Blistering All-Band Protection

· User-Selectable Preferences

· High-Resolution Display

· 5 Levels of Brightness Control

· Completely immune to the VG-2 "detector-detector"

· Mute, AutoMute & SmartMute

· Built-in Earphone Jack

· Safety Warning System

· Comes Fully Equipped

· Limited one year warranty

· 2 year extended service plan available

· Free 30 day test drive (applies to factory direct orders only)

My opinion

The Passport 9500i comes with so many new features, and old ones. It is definitely making false alarms less of a possibility. I think that this is going to start a new mark for all radar detectors. Escort made the best with the 8500 x50; we can only expect the 9500i to be even better. I like all the new features; they really make using the 9500i easier. 

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it online directly from the Escort website. The price for the Passport 9500i is $449.95.

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