Escort Shifter ZR3 Laser Jammer

The Escort Shifter ZR3 installs in your vehicle, and works by both detecting and blocking police laser guns. The Shifter ZR3 includes sensors for both the front and rear of your vehicle, and will integrate with other Escort radar detectors.

The Shifter ZR3 includes three laser transceivers, two for the front of the vehicle, and one for the rear. The Escort ZR3 also features a remote mute button, which is small and can be mounted within easy reach of the driver to silence alerts. The Laser Shifter ZR3 is packed with useful features including front and rear indicators, volume control, mute, and manual "receive only" mode (patent pending).

The Shifter ZR3 includes a control panel that can be mounted anywhere inside your vehicle. This control panel features separate alert lights for the front and rear transceivers, allowing you to identify the direction of the threat. An automatic brightness control is also included, which will adjust the brightness of the display based on the ambient light of the vehicle. A mute button is provided to allow you to silence audio alerts. A power button and volume control are also provided.

Escort Shifter ZR3 Laser Jammer


  • Front and Rear Mounted Laser Transceivers
  • Plug-in Installation using Modular Connections
  • Front and Rear Indication
  • Automatic Brightness Control
  • Remote Mute / Manual "Receive Only Mode"
  • Self-Diagnostics with Error Indication
  • Shift+Link compatible with 8500 X50 & SR7
  • One year limited warranty

Price 499.95$, you can buy it here


Escort and Valentine one make great radar detectors, but in the laser jammer market they’re quite weak. The Escort ZR3 laser shifter provides poor protection against the old Stalker LZ1 and the new Stalker LIDAR. The new Escort Shifter is the ZR4. You can read a ton of reviews on a variety of laser jammers at the "LaserJammerTests" website

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