Helmet Assisted Radar Detection

Helmet Assisted Radar Detection, H.A.R.D., is a wireless system invented by LEGAL SPEEDING for motorcyclists needing to know when their radar detector is alerting them of a radar threat. The H.A.R.D. System provides an immediate visual alert: a flashing LED light inside the helmet illuminated within your field of vision allowing immediate recognition of a radar threat.

The transmitter has a six-inch power cord with a male RJ11 jack on the end. This cord plugs into the female RJ11 power jack located on the radar detector. These male and female RJ11 jacks look like those used on telephone systems. The H.A.R.D. System transmitter has a female RJ11 jack that the detector power cord plugs into. A green light on the transmitter indicates when the transmitter is sending a signal to the receiver. Total installation time for the transmitter is less than 10 seconds as it simply plugs ‘in-line’ with the existing detector wiring.

HARD ReceiverThe receiver is a miniature, battery operated device that can be placed inside a check pad or attached to the outside of the helmet. Just like a cell phone, the receiver has an on / off switch to maximize battery life. A green painted dot by the switch indicates if the receiver is in the on or off position. You can ride for 120 hours, which can be as much as 4,000 miles, between battery changes. The receiver has a long cord with the red LED warning light located at the end of the cord. This allows the small red LED warning light to be placed any where inside your peripheral vision. We refer to the red LED warning light as the ‘business end of the receiver.’ For maximum weather protection, we always recommend placing the receiver unit inside the helmet.

Helmet Assisted Radar Detection

Technical Specs


  • Receiver runs on two CR2032 batteries. Average battery life 7000 miles of riding
  • Transmitter 12 Volts, connects to 12 volt power source on motorcycle, radar detector then plugs into transmitter

Price: 164.94$, you can buy it here


I want to buy H.A.R.D system for Escort X50 and Valentine One.
3 for X50
2 for V1
Total 6 units.
I can pay by Paypal or visa
Kindly advise the discounted best price you can offer, plus shipping to New Zealand by Global Express Mail (EMS)

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