Whistler Pro 73

The Whistler Pro 73 radar detector is a high end model from Whistler’s high performance Professional Series. This model detects the new POP mode feature of some radar guns, and incorporates a high gain optical lense for increased laser sensitivity. The Pro 73 also includes Whistler’s Real Voiceâ„¢ alerts, and an alpha numeric display with a unique, intense blue text color.

The Whistler Pro 73 also features 3 City modes for a reduction in false alerts. An Alert Priority feature makes sure the most important alert is displayed if multiple alerts are detected. This model also includes a hard wire kit, and a two year manufacturer warranty.

Whistler Pro 73


  • Detects X, K, and Ka super-wideband radar with POP Mode Detection
  • Intense blue text display and alert priority
  • Safety Warning Systems with 360� perimeter protection
  • VG2 cloaking technology
  • 3 city modes/quiet/auto quiet mode
  • Vehicle battery saver selectable
  • Includes windshield mount and power cord

Price 149.99$, you can buy it here

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