Whistler XTR-560

No matter what kind of car your are driving you will know that you look cool with the Whistler XTR- 560 Laser-Radar Detector with 3 color face plats. Pick one to fit your car. The Whistler XTR- 560 Laser-Radar Detector will pick up all radar bands (X, K, KA) as well as all laser radars and has POP mode detection. The Whistler XTR- 560 Laser-Radar Detector has a quiet mode, city/highway function, and alert priority, so no matter where your driving you can find the perfect setting for your XTR- 560 Laser-Radar Detector. Whistler laser-radar detectors detect all radar bands, laser, SWS and VG-2.

The Whistler XTR-560 is a top of the line radar detector, offering all of the features you would expect: voice alerts, text display, multiple city modes, POP mode detection, and even European Ku band detection.

Even with all of those great features, the XTR-560 adds more. This is the most customizable radar detector on the market! The XTR-560 has both programmable audio and text alerts, allowing you to fully customize this detector’s alerts. In addition, the Whistler XTR560 includes trim rings in metallic blue, black, and pink. This allows you to customize the 560’s appearance!

Customizable Display, Alerts with POP Detection and Intelli-Cord TM ready!

Whistler XTR-560
  • Programable LCD Text with Blue Backlit Display
  • Programable Alert Tones
  • User Changeable Trim Rings - Blue and Pink
  • Intelli-Cord Ready - Program which features Intelli-Cord controls
  • POPTM Mode Detection
  • Easy-to-Understand Real VoiceTM
  • Selectable Bands
  • External Audio Jack
  • Stay AlertTM
  • Total Band ProtectionTM Plus Ku
  • 3 City Modes
  • Dim/Dark Modes
  • Tutorial Mode
  • Includes Whistler Standard Features

Price: 139.99, you can buy it here

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