BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KD

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Low void asymmetric/directional tread design;dry/max handling optimized outboard (21% void);wet handling optimized inboard (31% void), Optimized for outstanding dry traction

Large, stable block elements provides enhanced stability, wear and handling under high torque loads

Wide center ribs, flat crown profile, high contact surface ratio

Thanks to the proprietary BlackTech™ tread compound the BFGoodrich g-ForceT/A® KD tire has excellent wet and dry grip (UTQG traction grade=AA)

Reduced tread depth stabilizes tread, helps block and lower rotational mass

Flat/oval footprint enhances wet grip in shallow water depths,contributes to excellent treadwear potential for an ultra-high performance tire

g-Control™ Sidewall Inserts help resist deflection generates tremendous cornering force

Dimensionally-stable polyester carcass plies, ETEC System™ (Equal TEnsion Containment System) - Excellent strength, smooth ride, consistent footprint and maximized tread contact area under high-speed conditions

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