Bridgestone Blizzak REVO1

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The worst of winter has met its match. The Blizzak Revo 1, a studless tire, with UNI-T technology has been designed for severe ice or snow conditions, and to allow for a solid grip on wet and dry roads. These Blizzaks have a cross riblet surface for new tire traction, and bite particles that help grab the ice while a multicell compound cuts through and disperses the water. This winter, put on your Blizzak Revo 1 tires, bundle up, and you’re ready to go.

Innovative Tire Design - A Comprehensive Tire Design Method

This method improves handling in wet or dry conditions and reduces irregular treadwear by combining an ideal tread design, casing shape, materials and construction.

Innovative Roundness - Rounder Is Better

Rounder overall tire shape provides better balance for wet or dry handling.

Innovative Compound - Longer Is Stonger

L.L. Carbon utilizes a special form of molecular re-engineered carbon black, a key factor in improving tire wear while enhancing wet performance.

Tube Multicell compound

Better grip on ice.

3D Sipes

Designed to enhance dry performance while maintaining snow, ice and wet traction.

Zig-zag sipes

Contributes to upgraded traction on ice through drainage and edge effect.

Bite Particles

Embedded in the Tube Multicell Compound, help grab the ice while the Tube Multicell Compound cuts through and disperses the water.

Cross Riblet Surface

For traction when new.

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