Continental Conti 4x4 SportContactâ„¢

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Designed with ultra-high performance SUVs in mind. The Conti 4x4 SportContact offers the absolute maximum in performance.

Asymmetrical Tread Design with Compact Outer Shoulder Blocks: Enhanced cornering stability and control.

Continuous Center Tread Ribs: Precise steering response and high speed stability.

Wide Longitudinal and Lateral Water Evacuation Grooves: Maximum aquaplaning resistance.

Optimized Off-Set Tread Blocks and Grooves: For a smooth, quiet ride.

Rim Flange Rib Protector: Protects the rim from curb damage.


Tread 280

Traction A

Temperature A

Sizes available

Continental 4x4 Contact tires feature blackwall styling and are available in 80-, 75-, 70-, 65-, 60- and 55-series; T-, H-, or V-speed rated sizes for 15" through 18" wheel diameters.

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